The “curious case of the delinquent Pinocchio”

— Patience! I’ll explain better – added the Parrot. – Know therefore that, while you were in the city, the Fox and the Cat returned to this field: they took the gold coins buried, and then fled like the wind. And now those who reach them, are good! –

Pinocchio was amazed, and not wanting to believe the words of the Parrot, he began with his hands and nails to dig the ground he had watered. And he dug, he dug, he dug, he made a hole so deep, that a haystack would have entered: but the coins were gone.

Then in despair, he rushed back to the city and went to court to denounce the two rascals who had robbed him.

The judge was an ape of the Gorilla race: an old ape respectable for his grave age, for his white beard and especially for his golden glasses, without glasses, which he was forced to wear continuously, because of a flushing of eyes, that had tormented him for several years.

Pinocchio, in the presence of the judge, told by thread and sign the iniquitous fraud of which he had been a victim; he gave the name, the surname and the features of the villains, and ended up asking for justice.

The judge listened to him with great kindness; he took a very lively part in the story: he became moved, moved: and when the puppet had nothing more to say, he reached out and rang the bell.

At that chime immediately appeared two dogs dressed to beat.

Then the judge, mentioning Pinocchio to the Giandates, said to them:

– The poor devil has been robbed of four gold coins, so take him and put him in prison.

The puppet, feeling this sentence between his head and his neck, remained of princisbecco and wanted to protest: but the Gianrmi, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, closed his mouth and led him to jail.

And there he had to stay four months: four very long months: and there he would have remained even more, if he had not given himself a very lucky case. Because it is necessary to know that the young Emperor who reigned in the city of Acchiappacitrulli, having won a great victory against his enemies, ordered great public feasts, illuminations, fireworks, races of barbers and speedsters, and in sign of greater exultation, He wanted the prisons opened and all the rascals sent out.

– If the others get out of prison, I want out too – said Pinocchio to the jailer.

– You are not, – answered the jailer – because you are not a nice number….

– I beg your pardon; – Pinocchio replied – I too am a scoundrel.

– In this case you have a thousand reasons, – said the jailer; and taking off his cap respectfully and greeting him, he opened the prison doors and let him escape.

(From “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, by Carlo Collodi, chapter 19)