Offences against the Public Administration

The area of operation of the so-called white collar crimes was originally confined to legislation to combat corrupt phenomena and other crimes against the Public Administration. Corporate criminal law later expanded its range of action, with the criminalisation of other behaviour deviating from ordinary compliance with good corporate practice. It is certain, however, that offences against the Public Administration are still central to the scope of economic crime. There are several cases provided for by the Criminal Code, ascribed to public officials and private individuals in the presence of conduct that damages or endangers the good performance and impartiality of the Public Administration. The firm assists anyone, public or private, who is involved in proceedings for offences against the Public Administration, such as corruption, embezzlement, extortion, undue induction to give or promise benefits, and undue receipt of public funds. We also put our trial experience at the disposal of companies wishing to identify and manage their corruption risk, supporting them in the implementation of the most appropriate risk assessment and risk management tools – the latest of which, in order of time, is whistleblowing pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 24 of 10 March 2023.