Medical fault

In recent years, the phenomenon known as defensive medicine has become rampant.


This is the tendency to prescribe and provide healthcare services in order to prevent the risk of legal complaints from patients, or their relatives, who allege negligent conduct or in any case cases of so-called malpractice.


The issue of medical malpractice is a very delicate matter, in which the exact balancing point must be found between the safety of the patient and the freedom of the doctor, who is often called upon to take immediate decisions on matters of high technical complexity. These are two opposing instances, which our legislator has tried to summarise in the so-called Gelli-Bianco (Law no. 24 of 8 March 2017).


The Firm, also thanks to the acquisition of specialised skills, offers assistance on medical malpractice, and more generally on professional negligence, to anyone (suspect, civil responsible party or offended party) involved in legal cases related to culpable injuries or manslaughter in the healthcare field.