Culpable offences and safety at work

Our increasingly complex and articulated social context presents various opportunities for risk, attributable on the one hand to natural factors, and on the other to the professional activities of entrepreneurs and workers themselves. In recent decades we have witnessed a progressive multiplication of culpable cases, i.e. those hypotheses in which the conduct is not supported by intention, but is carried out through imprudence, negligence, inexperience, or through failure to comply with the technical rules that govern the multiple spheres of human action.


With reference to the macro-category of negligent offences (negligent disasters, accident prevention violations, fires, negligent removal of precautions or defences against disasters or accidents at work) the Firm has followed and follows judicial events of significant social and media importance.


With regard to the specific issue of safety at work, then, the Firm’s professionals, in addition to carrying out defence activities in court, provide consultancy on the subject of Legislative Decree 81/2008, taking care of the implementation of management systems and the drafting of delegations and sub-delegations of functions, also in the context of corporate compliance pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.