Crimes against the person and against property

Crimes against the person and against property represent the most traditional area of criminal law, characterised by the common perception of the unseemliness of conduct, which is considered worthy of punishment even from a more strictly ‘naturalistic’ point of view.


Although the firm has considerably increased its commitment in the area of white collar crimes, it has never ceased to accept assignments in trials for ‘common’ crimes, in the conviction that the criminal lawyer performs an inescapable social function – the defence of individual rights from the interference of state power – and that this function is best expressed when the drama of a criminal trial breaks into the life of an ordinary woman or man. Taking care of that person, of his or her intimate suffering from an ongoing trial or impending judgment, has always been our job. In this we are helped by our passion for criminal procedure, which is not a subject for the unscrupulous, but a limit set by our democracy to arbitrariness and abuse of power.


The firm works daily in all areas of common criminal law. We have gained particular experience in the areas of offences against life and personal safety; defamation, including in the press; sexual violence and all types of sex offences in general; and the insidious cases of crimes against computer assets, or cyber crimes.